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Tactical Innovations T15-BDX Billet Stripped Lower Receiver


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CLEARANCE! Tactical Innovations T15-BDX Billet Stripped Lower Receiver

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1. Our T15BDX™ Lower Receivers are precision machined on modern CNC machining centers from solid billet aluminum bar (not from a forging or a casting) for maximum strength, appearance and precision tolerances.  Manufacturing is NOT sub-contracted to third party machine shops.  If our name is on it, we make it here in our North Idaho manufacturing facility with complete control over all aspects of the manufacturing process.  Each receiver undergoes numerous quality checks throughout the machining process to ensure unparalleled accuracy and dimensional tolerances.

2. MANUFACTURED FROM 7075 T6 ALLOY ALUMINUM FORGINGS (NOT 6061) All T15BDX™ Lower Receivers are manufactured from certified USA produced 7075 T6 aircraft grade aluminum alloy forgings. Sure, we could save a few dollars on the material and our tooling by using less expensive softer 6061 aluminum alloy. Other manufacturers claim that 6061 will hold up just as well as 7075... but we don't want alloy strength to be a discussion now or an issue later, so we only use the stronger, more expensive 7075 alloy for all of our receivers.

Machining the magwell of all AR15 style lower receiver presents a few challenges since the magwell has square corners and it needs to be as smooth as possible on the inside for mag changes. To remove the material from the receiver for the magwell, most manufacturers machine from one side and then flip the receiver and machine from the other side to meet in the middle (and hope for no mismatch). But you still don't have square corners (since a round cutting tool will not cut a square corner), so they then they press a broach through the magwell to cut the round corners square. Its fast and does an "OK" job but for a finish that is considered by many to be the premium result, WIRE EDM is unparalleled.
All of our T15BDX™ Lower Receivers have WIRE EDM MACHINED MAGWELLS. Wire EDM machining uses a .010 (ten thousandths diameter) brass wire that passes an electrical current through it while the part is underwater. The wire does not touch the part, but arcs the current to the aluminum while flushing with high pressure water. When the complete magwell slug falls from the part, the result is that (1) the finish is unmatched for smoothness, (2) the corners are exactly square and (3) there is never any mismatch from machining from both sides and hoping to meet in the middle since its cut all the way through in one pass.
So why doesn't every manufacturer wire EDM machine their magwells? Simple... it takes about 30 minutes per receiver to wire EDM machine EACH receiver on a machine that new costs close to $90k. Is it an over kill to machine AR15 magwells? We don't think so. Check out the magwell on one of our T15™ Lower Receivers and see why you won't settle for "good enough" for your next receiver either!

To engrave the ATF required markings on our T15BDX™ Lower Receivers, we use the same laser technology that is used to mark diamonds and expensive medical equipment. The result is deep engraving that is crisp and clean and looks like it belongs on a custom high quality receiver. Safe and fire positions are designated with universal "bullet logo" pictographs for the elegant appearance that is generally found only on higher priced firearms. We cleanly mark the receiver with ATF's required information and do not clutter the receiver with logos or other advertisements. Why don't other lower receiver manufacturers also laser engrave their receivers? Once again it's laser machine cost and additional manufacturing time, but we think laser engraving is worth it!

Since our virgin stripped T15BDX™ Lower Receiver can be assembled in either a pistol or a rifle configuration (subject to ATF regulations), no designation of pistol or rifle is marked on the receiver which allows you to assemble it in either configuration you prefer (contact ATF for assembly restrictions and guidelines). The receiver is equally suited for either application.

AR style lower receivers are the host to a large variety of calibers beyond the traditional .223/9mm/22LR choices. In order to maximize your caliber use opportunities, each T15BDX™ receiver is laser engraved to designate the caliber as Caliber - Multi to provide you with the maximum assembly flexibility.

With the varying tolerances in upper receivers, its optomistic to hope that the recevier you use will be a perfect fit on any lower receiver and we all know that a loose fitting upper receiver will make even the best custom built rifle seem sloopy. Most shooters solve the problem with a wedge under the upper receiver lug when the receiver is closed. It works well, but is cumbersome. Our T15BDX™ Lower Receivers come standard with an easier solution. A nylon tipped allen wrench drive screw is installed that can be adjusted through the bottom of the receiver. The upper receiver tensioning screw allows you to put exact pressure on the upper receiver for a perfect upper receiver fit every time.  A 1/8" allen wrench (not included) is required for adjustment if necessary.

Have you ever taken the stock off of an AR15 lower receiver and had the rear pin spring shoot out across the room? Our T15BDX™ Lower Receivers solve the problem by installing an allen wrench drive screw in the spring channel. Once you install the detent and the spring, simply screw the set screw in flush with the rear of the receiver. Switch stocks as often as you want and the lost spring problem no longer exists!
Note: An .050 allen wrench (not included) is required in remove and install the Rear Detent Capture Screw.  When assembling the receiver, it may be necessary to clip a minor amount off of the spring to achieve the desired spring pressure on the detent in order to compensate for the set screw length.

Most manufacturers "finish" their receivers in a bulk vibrator that indiscriminately rounds all edges in addition to the sharp ones. However, a receiver with these features and precision can only be finished one way... individually by hand! Each T15™ Lower Receiver is individually hand de-burred to remove all sharp edges from the machining process and then is individually abrasive blasted for a smooth, uniform surface finish in preparation for the final hard anodized finish. Our final visual quality control is simple to understand... "If our finishing crew wouldn't buy it with their paycheck, we won't send it out." Period.

Thanks for taking the time to read why we believe our receivers offer the greatest quality and value of any receivers on the market. If you're ready to build an AR15 style firearm and want to start with a receiver that is worthy of your time and financial investment, our receivers can be purchased through any FFL holder identically to any other firearm. We're proud to put our name on our T15BDX™ Lower Receivers and invite you to personally inspect the machining quality, the laser marking, the plentiful additional features and the individual hand finishing that make our T15BDX™ Lower Receiver a receiver that you'll be proud to own and pleased to shoot.

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